Is Astrology Science Or Just A Faith

Is Astrology Science Or Just A Faith?  

When it comes to believing in the stars generally termed to be astrology many people oversee it and tend not to believe the astrological facts in the name of superstitions. But to come to a conclusion look at what our online palm reading experts in India have to say about the same.

Astrology was long ago banished from the realm of exact science. It occurred with the growth of Christianity and the Church’s oppressive role at some time. For the most part, it took over the communal spiritual system. Everything else was also set aside to make place for its expansion and increase in simplicity.

This is why Astrology appears to be an exception. It is appropriate for its Uranus-related purpose of awakening us. Furthermore, it shocks, rattles, and turns our reality upside down through symbolism that is not widely recognized.

Many people have been pushing to reintroduce it into scientific waterways. However, the battle has been long and difficult. It may be because it belongs at the depths of the ocean. Furthermore, it is only available to those who are open-minded enough to go on their spiritual journey.

Role of Celestials

As per our professional online palm reading experts in India who are into astrology for ages, the lack of an educational filter does not help, especially when individuals contaminate the image via a lack of understanding, respect, and devotion to its genuine purpose in their own lives, let alone the lives of others.

Yes, astrology may be as much fun as skiing, bungee jumping, or winning the lottery, but it is also a serious study instrument that can provide us with answers for the rest of our life if we commit to its symbolism and tremendous depths of knowledge.

So let me begin with a simple logic. We all know that during a full moon night, the moon causes extremely high tides in the ocean. Why is this the case? The reason for this is that the moon’s gravitational field draws water. Online palm reading experts in India do support the fact that astrology is not mere superstition but legit science.

So, if the moon can cause high tides in water, why won’t it affect our bodies, which are made up of more than 90% water?

The same is true for all other heavenly bodies. All of these bodies have their own electromagnetic fields, which are formed by the metals, minerals, and other elements present in them, and this leads to the emission of cosmic rays from them.

Study The Effect

Have you ever considered the strange figure that an astrologer examines and refers to as a horoscope or Kundli?

If the response is negative, then as per our online palm reading experts in India it is nothing more than the interpretation of planetary positions when a person or a question is born. The approach developed throughout the ancient Vedic period is based on the most basic principles of astronomy, mathematics, physics, and statistics.


Along with physics, mathematics now plays a role. The sky, as we all know, is three-dimensional in nature, with a total of 360 degrees. As a result, we split it into twelve sections, each with 30 degrees, and these parts are known as zodiac signs. A horoscope (Kundli) is a strange figure with 12 divisions called houses that are based on exceedingly sophisticated trigonometric calculations.

Astrologers say that these houses hold the key to every issue and the remedy to every problem. The first house represents life, the eighth house represents death, and so on.


Astrology is completely based on extremely ancient statistical data or records, which an astrologer examines and utilizes in conjunction with his expertise to forecast the answer to a question by co-relating various planets existing in different houses and their aspects.

For example, the study of (house one and house eight combo) determines whether a query would elicit a favorable or negative reaction.

The Bottom Line

As a last remark, our online palm reading experts in India might conclude that astrology is not mere superstitions or faith its all about science and study confining various subjects.

God has given us life in order for us to accomplish something important with it. So why do we usually consult an astrologer to predict what will happen in the future, whether a marriage will be successful or not, or what letter we should name our children? Isn’t it time we rose above all of these odds and realized that we are the rulers of our own fate and that it is all in our intellect and heart that we should utilize to carve out our destiny? Connect with our online palm reading experts today and make the best decision for your upcoming life.

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