How Venus The Planet Of Love And Luxury Affects Your Married Life

The famous philosopher Socrates said: “By all means, marry. If you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher”.

Though amusing, the phrase highlights the serious aspect of marriage. If you don’t give it considerable thought ahead of time, it might either run or wreck your life. These ideas might be about emotions, family, culture, astrology, or anything else. History shows that astrological insights can eventually influence all other elements. According to Vedic astrology scholars, marriage is influenced by the positions of most of the planets, with Venus playing a key role.

Here’s how venus is important for your married life

Venus is the Roman name for Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. It signifies the force of love that leads to the union of two distinct selves into one and governs the soft and refined aspects of human life. Venus, as a preceptor of devils, represents the spouse in the horoscope of a female and the wife in the horoscope of a man. It is the Karak (symbol) of marriage bliss and life companion. Venus represents love, feelings, understanding, and sexual delights.

Love, Arranged or secret marriage

In terms of how both spouses exchange vows with each other, a marriage has numerous titles. It might be love if they fell in love before being married. The most common type of marriage is an arranged marriage, in which the parties enter into wedded with rites and blessings from families. According to astrologers, the conjunction of Venus with other planets can determine whether a person will marry for love, planned marriage, or secret marriage.

Overall pleasure or sadness in a married life

The study of potential partners’ birth charts before marriage helps astrologers comprehend the happiness or sadness involved in the conjugal union. Venus’s affiliation with benefic or malefic planets, as well as its location in the spouse’s birth chart, have a significant impact on the emotional result of a potential relationship.

How would the partner behave?

Before going into a marriage, we have hundreds of questions in our minds and hearts about our future spouse. Those are intended to be, as marriage is an institution that governs our lives. Venus can assist us to grasp our future spouse’s riches, brains, and attractiveness. Its unique location, tremendous influence, and lack of relationship with any malevolent planet point to a wishful spouse.

Partner loyalty or the possibility of extramarital affairs

After going into a married partnership, everyone expects loyalty from their partner. This element may be correctly deduced by experienced astrologers by examining birth charts. The location of Venus and its conjunction with other planets can help us comprehend the native nature. Venus is in charge of the sensuous drive. Its precise posture might lead to extramarital affairs or loyalty to the relationship.

To comprehend any harm to the spouse’s existence

Certain doshas are frequently found on birth charts. They have the ability to endanger the life of their partner. In rare situations, if the planet Venus is aspected by or combined with malevolent planets, it denotes a threat to the life of the partner. These doshas, also known as planetary faults, can be mostly remedied by rituals conducted ahead of time.

If you are considering entering into a relationship, analysing the planet Venus might help you determine its strength.

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